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November 2019

Nestled within the same community as Wilson Elementary, Middle, and High School, as well as the Technical Education Center and County Offices, is the Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center (WWRC). After opening its doors in 1947, this facility has been providing people with disabilities the opportunity to unleash and find their personal independence through employment ever since. With a mission statement proving true, WWRC has continued to grow and reach new levels of prevalence and appeal all across the world.

Starting in 2018, a renovation project to the tune of 30,500 square feet was initiated with a focus primarily on the Watson Student Activities Building. The majority of the work included the removal and replacement of their existing therapy pool with a new one complimented by an additional lap pool. Now, with three regulation sized lanes, the lap pool offers WWRC the ability to host competitive swim meets and a practice facility, too. Incorporating a pool of that size, though, meant an expanded footprint would need to be established because the original one was too small. So by demolishing an existing wall on the south side of the building and reconstructing it along the larger footprint, that issue was resolved.

In addition, this project included installation of new windows, doors, finishes, and sprinklers, equipment associated with the gymnasium, pool, lockers, administration office, and lounge as well as updated plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems. Partial renovation work was performed to the art room, media center, and auditorium, too.

This was a project of significant importance. Aside from the historical relevance, it was an all-around major boost for WWRC. For many years, this facility had operated within the founding walls with little change, and now they are undergoing a considerable renovation bringing a fresh breath to the aging center. To this day, WWRC still displays parts of its history, but it has also found importance in modernization.

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