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Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center


Fishersville, Virginia


Spectrum Design


$14.6 Million


September 2020

The LEED Silver Certified Anderson Phase II project at Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center (WWRC) is a modernization project with basically three scope components. The first component involves providing an additional 12,500 square feet of space in three separate building additions and integrating those into the new facility footprint. Included in the work is an elevator lobby/stair addition, a manufacturing technology lab, which includes an adjacent exterior covered forklift training area, loading dock, and roof mounted solar array, and a walk-in refrigeration unit addition on the second floor.

Detailing the second component is a 57,327 square foot Level 3 renovation/alteration scope to the existing building. It involves providing nearly complete demolition of the existing facility’s interior and removal of certain exterior elements such as windows, walkway canopies, existing loading docks, and plaza areas. Upon completion of demolition, all that remained is the existing structure and exterior walls. Replacement of everything removed during demolition begins with upgrading the entire facility’s interior with new insulation, updated restroom configurations, and completely revitalized MEP systems. On the exterior, new walkway canopies, lighting, drainage configurations, and a site plaza make up the third and final component of the project.

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