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Wilson Elementary School


Fishersville, Virginia


Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates


$13 million


March 2013

The Wilson Elementary project has 3 phases of construction. The 1st phase involves most of the site work and scheduled to be finished by August 3, 2012. The existing stand-alone gym will be demolished and the 2-story addition with a gym will be added. The new bus loop is added during this phase. The structure is CMU with brick veneer and metal wall panels at the gym. The majority of the roof is EPDM with some sloped metal roof at the front entrance. The interior finishes include painted CMU walls, drop in ceilings, VCT, terrazzo. The gym floor is wood as is the stage adjoining the gym.

The building has 3 new outside air units with water source heat pumps throughout each phase.

Phase 2 is the renovations to the kitchen and office areas. The existing kitchen is totally demolished and new underground plumbing is scheduled. The old food service equipment will be replaced with new. The front entrance will have an addition where the main office will be located. The corridor and lobby floor finishes will be terrazzo and the classrooms will receive VCT. New windows and doors will be installed as well. The front parking lot and roundabout per Alternate # 1 will be added at this time. The existing MEP will be demolished and replaced with new equipment.

Phase 3 consists of a new kindergarten wing added to the existing southern end of the building. The remaining school will be demolished and replaced with new finishes that match phase 2. This phase is scheduled to finish March 31, 2013.

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