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Sunnyside Healthcare Renovations

Lobby Entrance


Sunnyside Communities


Harrisonburg, Virginia


Mather Architects


$1.1 million


December 2016

This project is the complete renovation on their healthcare facility which included the 2nd and 3rd floor level.   This included all of the resident rooms, bathrooms, corridor areas, bistro, dining and all common areas used by residents and personnel.

The main object of this project was to give a more modern and vibrant look to this facility.  Outdated wall papers was removed and walls were painted with new crown moulding; all resident room entrances were replaced with 6-panel doors painted in white for fresher look inside; all flooring at rooms, corridors and bistro area were replaced; new and modern casework was installed; and a complete renovation of the dining and serving area was performed which included new quartz tops, casework, ceilings, paint and trim work, creating a much more attractive and appealing environment overall.

The existing resident room valance-style heating and cooling system was removed and a new ceiling fan coil system was installed.  New lighting was also added to the hallways and resident rooms.

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