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Harrisonburg City Public Schools


Harrisonburg, Virginia


Moseley Architects


$35.7 million


August 2008

This PPEA project consisted of building two separate schools withing one consolidated building. The elementary school is designed for grades Pre-K through 4th. and can accommodate 600 students. The middle school is designed for grades 5th through 8th an can accommodate 900 students.

One of the greatest challenges for this project was to combine the two schools while maintaining two separate identities at the same time. By combining the two schools, the square footage is 5% to 10% less than tat of two comparable stand-alone facilities. Other efficiencies are realized by having one central plant and one kitchen. Both schools can share the forum, which seats 500 people and is centrally locate.

Each school has dedicated spaces for all educational functions. Each school maintains separate identities by having two separate and distinct building entrances. Each school has a dedicated paring lot an drop-off lane that flank a shared bus loop. There are separate play fields for each school on opposite sides of the site..

The Nielen Partnership: Craig Mackail, Harrisonburg City Pubic Schools, says, “Nielsen did a great job. We were very impressed. Nieslen was easy to work wit and provided good services. If we had any questions or issues, the project manager was very accessible.”

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