Building Excellence for over 110 years



Shenandoah County


Woodstock, Virginia


Moseley Architects


$3.35 million


October 2010

The building houses Shenandoah County’s Health and Social Services Departments as well as facilities for the Northwestern Community Services Board, all in a 29,000 SF space that was once a supermarket. The County’s goal is to obtain a LEED Gold Certification from the US Green Building Council.

Before the transformation of the building, mold, lead paint and asbestos remediation were necessary. The raised floor areas, concrete curbs, soffits and other remains of the supermarket had to be removed. The existing roofing was removed prior to the installation of a new membrane roof.

The mansard roof located at teh front of the building was also removed to ready the bulding for its new, updated look.

More than thirty new openings for new windows were punched into the masonry structural to provide natural lighting to the perimeter spaces of the building. The new exterior facade incorporates glass-fiber reinforced concrete cornice and columns similar to, but in a smaller scale, than those that will be found on the neighboring District Courts Building. The concrete block structure is now covered with a three-color Exterior Insulation and Finishing System thereby adding thermal insulation, visual-interest and dimension to the formerly deserted grocery store.

The building is divided into three suites, each with an entrance off the main lobby. The building will house 59 offices, with four open work areas that can accommodate and additional 24 work stations, a nurse’s office, and other support areas.

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