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Riddleberger Brothers Addition


Riddleberger Brothers


Harrisonburg, Virginia


Gaines Group




November 9, 2023

Since 1940, Riddleberger Brothers has continued to be one of the premier mechanical contractoras here in the Valley. With over 500 employees, their company prides itself on having well trained, knowledgeable employees in-house and out in the field. This asset is supported through their continual learning and encouraged growth by the company. This particular RBI Addition was a 22 week project that created an addition to the existing Riddleberger Brothers office facility.  The Addition adds 7,837SF, twenty three offices, a training room, two bathrooms, and breakroom. The design is slab on grade with structural metal framing to a bar joist roof system. All offices will receive carpet tile flooring, rubber base, and ACT ceilings; office doors are wood, with half glass. Bathrooms receive ceramic tile flooring and base, and ACT ceilings. This space creates the opportunity for company growth along with ongoing employee training and engagement which is vital to their company mission and continued success.

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