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Petro 2 Addition and Renovation - Quaker Steak Addition


Robert J Berkstresser


Raphine, Va


Gaines Group Architects


$6.3 million


May 2021

This project is the product of two separated work areas combined under one contract. Within the campus of White’s Truck Stop located in Raphine, Virginia, we constructed an addition and renovation through the design-build procurement process.

Of the two projects, the first, being the largest, is a 27,160 square foot retail addition space on to the existing structure. The placement of this addition is off of the South side of the building where the existing restaurant, the Iron Skillet, operated. During construction, the Iron Skillet halted operation as it was going to be undergoing renovations, too. The plan was to align the restaurant’s renovations in stride with the schedule of the addition’s finishes so that both areas could be worked on simultaneously. In total, 8,000 square feet of renovations transformed the Iron Skillet area to a convenient store styled space. Across the campus, at the fan-favorite, auto-themed Quaker Steak and Lube restaurant, we built a smaller addition on to it. We originally built the restaurant not even a year before this project was contracted, but after operating for a brief period, the need for more space was found. Collectively, the additional space totaled 586 square feet and provided freezer space as well as more prep area for the employees. This is our fourth design-build project on the White’s Truck Stop campus.

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