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University of Virginia Foundation


Charlottesville, Virginia


Perkins and Will


$4.3 Million


October 2019

As the final touch to the Old Ivy Road Office Building’s third floor, this project brings entirety to the facility’s once incomplete top level. In July 2018, the main structure was finished with direction on to leave the third floor unfinished so that the future tenants’ respective needs and influence could be incorporated in to the design. Fast-forwarding to less than a year later, in April 2019, the University of Virginia Foundation’s remarkable building provided a home to the university’s Human Resources Department. With

31,071 square feet worth of available space, we got right to work on retrofitting it accordingly. New gypsum board and glass partitions were installed to create offices and separations across the floor, the ceiling became enclosed to cover the previously showing steel crossbeams, and new duct-work, air units, and diff users were installed. The formerly bare restrooms and café areas were brought to life with finished plumbing work and fixtures while the disconnected electric was tapped in to providing current amongst the floor’s circuit.  

Ultimately, this project reflected a very efficient turnaround  time because we had made minor provisions for future work as we built the larger, main building. As stated before, electric was easily accessible, plumbing access was readily available, the majority of Life Safety including fireproofing and sprinkler systems were already in place just needed small modifications due to the layout, and most structural components were already installed. Our familiarity with this project was unmatched, so our team was able to take right off as approvals were obtained.

We love what we do!

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