Building Excellence for over 110 years



Bridgewater Retirement Community


Bridgewater, Virginia


The Troyer Group


$4.2 million


December 2005

This project consisted of a two-story addition to the existing three-story Assisted Living West Wing (Phase 1), demolition of the 3rd fl oor and 2nd floor walls of the existing West Wing, and rebuilding two floors (Phase II) that would tie into Phase I and the existing dining room and adjacent support staff/tub room areas. What started as a two-phase project ended up being a four-phase project due to the owner’s use constraints in the tie-in remodeled areas.

This project was challenging due to the interconnection with existing utilities, working adjacent to and in an occupied building, and the challenges of partial removal of a building while maintaining utilities and access to the Phase I addition. It was a pleasure working with an owner who appreciated the sincere efforts on their behalf and the trust that the work was performed with their interests in mind and conducted in an open and honest manner.


Phase I of the Wampler Wing was opened with a dedication luncheon and ceremony on February 10, 2006. This year marked the 40th anniversary of Bridgewater Retirement Bridgewater Retirement CommunityCommunity. Nielsen is proud to continue its ongoing relationship with Bridgewater Retirement Community.

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