Building Excellence for over 110 years



Rockingham County Public Schools


McGaheysville, Virginia


Moseley Architects


$16.4 million


May 2008

Moseley Architects designed the school based on a prototype that was used at Mountain View and Peak View Elementary Schools. The building includes modern instructional technology such as ceiling mounted projectors and interactive whiteboards in all classrooms.

It is the largest of the five elementary schools, with about 100,000 square feet and capacity for 800 students. It has a
spacious foyer awash in natural light that pours down from skylights in the ceiling. The administrative office is to the
immediate right with windows looking out into the hall.

The halls are wide with ceramic tiles about halfway up the walls. In the main corridor, the tiles are white and maroon, the school’s primary color, and down other corridors, the tiles are white and yellow, green or blue.The different colors help identify the rooms, making it easier for the young students to understand. Like the other elementary schools, Cub Run features a bus canopy, spacious library and a double-sided stage accessible from the gymnasium or cafeteria.


“The superintendent did an excellent job; he was really on top of it and did a real good job. Project Manager Jake Hull did a good job; he was there when we needed him,” says Steve Reid, Rockingham County Public Schools.

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