Lohmann Specialty Coatings


Orange, VA


McKinney and Company


$4.29 million


April 2017

When Lohmann, a manufacturer of highly technical adhesives, needed a Design-Build solution for a new manufacturing facility in Orange, VA, they contacted Nielsen Builders.  Nielsen’s Pre-Construction team rapidly determined that concrete tilt-up construction would be the most economical solution for Lohmann’s needs and involved TiltCon, Nielsen’s concrete tilt-up construction division, in the project.  Nielsen and TiltCon helped identify several cost savings measures on the complicated sitework portion of the project and developed a composite insulated concrete panel design to economically provide Lohmann with a highly insulated facility.  A highly collaborative approach was necessary for both successfully designing and constructing the new facility.  Lohmann’s processes are very stringent and highly technical, so collaboration between the design team and end user was critical to ensure the HVAC system, electrical system, and physical facility layout were the most efficient possible.  Additionally, the new facility is located immediately beside an existing Lohmann manufacturing plant and shares both utility services and parking areas.  This necessitated several weekend tie-ins and other work in which coordination with the Lohmann’s plant personnel was critical.  Providing crane access for the tilt portion of the project without impacting the existing plant’s operations was also very challenging. The project itself is a 23,500 sf composite, insulated concrete tilt-up panel building.  The interior of the building consists of a 2-story office portion with tasteful finishes and a full height manufacturing/storage area with a minimum ceiling clear height of 26 feet.  Steel columns, joists, and load bearing CMU were all incorporated into the design and construction of this facility.  There is also an area for future office expansion as well.  The exterior of the concrete panels have several reveals and a portion of the panels feature a ribbed design which was constructed using form liners.
Significant site construction was a large portion of this project as well.  An underground storm sewer facility, new utility services, two loading docks, and a new parking area were all part of the project.  A large area of concrete paving between the existing manufacturing facility and the new facility was installed as well.  The end product is economical, user friendly, and very attractive.

We are proud of what we do!

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