Green Hills Investments Warehouse Flex Gauldin Tilt


Green Hills Investments, LLC


Staunton, Va


Schlosser Steel Buildings, Inc.


$3.1 million


May 2021

In order to provide a solution to the warehousing shortage and create an opportunity for business, Green Hills Investments contracted with us to design and build a 64,000 square foot flex-space, tilt-up, warehouse in Staunton, Virginia. The concrete wall panels stand 31 feet tall, eight inches thick, and rest on a 2-foot by 2-foot spread footing. The interior concrete slab is seven inches thick with steel fibers on a six-inch, crushed stone pad. Internally, after the steel joists and roof deck are installed, the clear height transitions from 27 to 24 feet for sloping purposes. Supporting the roof structure is an evenly spread matrix of columns every 50 feet.

Entry into the building flex-spaces will be available through four aluminum entrance doors, six nine-foot roll-up doors, and one 20-foot on grade roll-up door at the front of the building. Access at the rear of the building will be through six roll-up dock doors, one 16-foot on-grade roll-up door, and four personal doors. Aluminum storefront windows will accent the front of the building at the flex space entrances. Insulation for the building will be established by attaching finished rigid foam insulation to the inside face of the concrete panels and 4.4-inch polyisocyanurate roof insulation. Three belt drive exhaust fans and eight 60-inch mounted paddle fans hang inside the warehouse to supplement the owner-furnished heating system. The majority of the building will be open warehouse space, but a small, 12-foot by 34-foot office and bathroom area is included. Finishes are detailed as drywall and vinyl wall base, ACT flooring in the bathrooms, and paint. Construction of this facility took five months from the completion of design.

We are proud of what we do!

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