Interchange cPad8


Interchange, Inc.


Mt. Crawford, Virginia


Gaines Group, PLC


$4.8 Million


September 2019

Resting just off the side of major East Coast-connector Interstate 81, this brand new, 108,000 square foot warehouse was tilted for local supply chain manager and warehousing giant, InterChange in Mt. Crawford, Virginia. As the demand for their services has grown continuously, their available space in other facilities has evaporated therefore causing a need for more.

With just shy of a 10-acre site, we designed and built this 300 by 360 foot tilt-up concrete structure in just six months. Within the nearly 45 foot tall exterior walls, structural columns are anchored to a fiber reinforced concrete laser screeded floor.  The added fiber allowed for extended floor joints in a grid style of 60 by 50 feet.  Floor joints were then reinforced by dowel baskets for added defense against forklift wear and tear.  Steel trusses support a TPO roof and ESFR sprinkler system.  

On the northern side of the facility, 16 fully equipped dock openings await receiving and shipping transportation. Storefront entrances welcome employees and guests on the south side of the warehouse, and painted panels stand on the East and West sides.  Interior walls were finished with white Thermax rigid insulation and Flex-Tite frames to complete this fully conditioned warehouse.

We are proud of what we do!

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