Graphic Packaging International


Staunton, Virginia


McKinney & Company


$2.8 million


October 2017

With a strong need for more space, Graphic Packaging International, Inc. teamed up with Nielsen Builders to find the solution. This new 26,000 square foot warehouse constructed from tilted-up concrete wall panels became the answer. In addition to the warehouse, another 4,000 square foot, tilt-up bailer room was erected to connect the new warehouse and the already existing building together.

Within the walls of the new warehouse, aside from the massive storage area, an office area, breakroom, restroom, and 6 loading bays reside. All six bays collectively, are extended with a 60-foot concrete apron attached to an adjacent 75-foot drivable ramp. Upon the completion of the bailer room and relocation of the bailer dust collector, a new cafeteria was constructed. On the roof of the warehouse, 24 prismatic skylights were implanted and white painted roof decking was used to increase the amount of natural light entering in to the building. Together, the skylights and the white roof decking contribute to the energy efficiency of the building. Internally, to aid air circulation, three 8 foot diameter fans were installed near the loading area. These fans will keep temperatures satisfyingly appropriate for both employees and products.

Around the lower side of the property, where the new warehouse stands, a 420 by 14-foot segmented block retaining wall was implemented.  Two smaller, but very similar retaining walls were then added to support a new 12-space parking lot. Additional sitework on the property included storm sewer piping, heavy-duty asphalt pavement, and new curb and guttering.

We are proud of what we do!

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